Vallerosa Bonci: the story of Verdicchio

Bonci e Michela

Partnerwine meets Valentina Bonci, heir to the tradition of the Vallerosa Bonci di Cupramontana company.

It is a magnificent sunny day, one that allows us to enjoy one of the most evocative views of the province of Ancona, where the green of the hills compares with the rows of vines, the historical ones, where the adventure of one of the most important white wines of Italy.

We climb to Via Torre, the road leads us straight to Cupramontana country of Verdicchio, here we find immediately, the company Vallerosa Bonci.

This company is synonymous with history, especially Verdicchio, in fact the Bonci brand was one of the great protagonists of the conquest of national and international markets.

For three generations the Bonci family dealt with wine production, without forgetting sparkling wine.
In the period that goes from the forties to the eighties only in the country of Cupramontana dozens of companies produced sparkling wine, but over time few have survived the very hard selection of the market and the various crises that have occurred.
Valentina enthusiastic owner, tells us that the company Vallerosa Bonci, has a wide range of products and is present in many countries of the world.
A few years ago, together with his father Giuseppe, they made an important choice, aiming exclusively at high quality, a solution that initially seemed courageous.

Today, in the light of the results, this choice is bearing fruit, positioning the company in the high end of the market, with a strong and recognizable brand.

A tradition that of the company of which Valentina is an interpreter, and even if with great difficulty continues to work hard to bring it forward with the same dedication with which he also made his father.

Just talking a few minutes with Valentina and you realize that it is a river full of enthusiasm, which is not common among winemakers in the area, I am amazed by his great passion for detail and beauty, his desire to do and thousand objectives that arises and which is able to carry on constantly.

Many types of products make up the vast company of the Vallerosa Bonci, including the San Michele a classic superior Verdicchio that for years has been recognized by the various guides, Bibenda, the three glasses of the Red Gambero, that only say tasting it will be conquered from its taste.

A new line of bubbles with Michelangelo and Caterina complement the various bruts present in the company. High quality sparkling wines but also characterized by a beautiful and elegant packaging, ideal for those who should make a nice gift.

Michelangelo is a classic vintage method Brut and Caterina, a vintage millesimato brut with zero dosage, which takes its name from Valentina’s daughter, this is to underline the strong attachment of the company with the family and the various generations.

I raise the glass with Valentina to toast not only to our professional adventure together, but to what I have noticed, we share a great passion for quality and a strong attachment to our land. I trust it, even my origins are Cuprensi, a generous land where people know that quality is achieved slowly, step by step, like good wine made carefully selecting berry after berry.