Vola Volé a sip of nature

vola volè

Trying to live everyday life in a better way is perhaps such an absurd idea? Why should we consider being in fashion to reduce the use of plastics, to prevent this from ending up in the oceans, continuing to pollute them absurdly day after day? Why should it be fashionable to try to eat properly, without “swallowing” daily foods that may prove harmful? Organic products today are not just a fashion, but have become a real alternative to a wasteful consumption of foods and foods that may prove to be harmful to our health over time. We wanted to dedicate our attention to the problem of healthy eating by focusing on the wine and we “met” the Vola Volè wines. The wines fly volè are not simple organic wines, but the vineyards where the grapes are harvested have the certification of biodiversity.

The wide range of these wines includes:

-pecorino cheese






The yeasts with which they produce these wines are obtained from honey produced through the pollination of native plants.

Each wine has a different plant from which the bees pollinate:

– hazelnut, clover

-pecorino, brambleberry

-water, Cherry

-passerina, Castagno

-montepulciano, Sulla

-trebbiano, Hawthorn

A method of producing wine, innovative, extremely natural, which also focuses on bees, synonymous with quality. By now we know that without the bees we would live only for 4 years, and eating and drinking badly, maybe even less; so why not buy this wine, change our habits slightly and contribute to our well-being? Sometimes a bit of healthy “selfishness” helps, as Oscar Wilde said: “To love oneself is the beginning of a romance that lasts a lifetime”.