Francesco Scacchi: the origins of the sparkling are Marche

Michela e il libro Francesco Scacchi


Today we talk about something new, obviously for those who are an expert in the field can not be considered such, but for the most it could be.

Let’s debunk the myth of Dom Perignon and the fact that the bubbles are firstborn in France.

Well you have guessed well, the origins of the bubbles are Italian and above all also Marche.

As a good Marches which I am I could not not share this fact of which I am very proud of you.

To date, the procedures are totally different for the production of sparkling wine, but also for their fermentation.

Francesco Scacchi can be defined as the one who has described the method to make the wines, ’48 years of Perignon, sparkling and frothy. Francesco Scacchi was a Fabriano doctor from a famous family, son of Durante Scacchi, initiator of the famous school of precian medicine.

He wrote a book De salubri potu dissertatio [Dissertation on Healthy Drink], published in Rome by Alessandro Zanetti in 1622.

The importance of this book lies precisely in having described methods with which the wines were made sparkling at the time.

In fact, one of the first to mention this was the famous historical oenologist and gastronomy, André Louis Simon (1877-1970), where he reported in the first part of his publication that Francesco Scacchi’s book contained a description of how to make sparkling wine … The multiple interest in this work led to the translation of the text and its publication, which took place in November 2000, in toto and in both languages.

This fact deserves particular mention and recognition because it is very rare, if not very rare, that in Italy both publishing entrepreneurs and foundations sponsor the translations into Italian of important texts written in Latin.

This fact allows me even more to be proud of being the Marches, and I think it is right and proper to spread this news, so as to give credit to those who have made this wonderful discovery.