Frati Bianchi Sparapani
The discovery of uniqueness
“The earth gives us more teachings of all books on our behalf, because it opposes us resistance, and by measuring itself with the obstacle the man discovers himself, but to do so he needs an instrument. The peasant gradually tears up some secrets to nature, and the truth that he draws is universal … ”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,
The earth and the secrets it conceals in it.
Often our lives are marked by rituals, gestures, repeated actions that make us feel safe, make us feel important, indispensable. Without our habits we would feel in difficulty, yet our limit is hidden in them. Nature, the earth instead teach us that there are cycles, but never habits, nothing in nature is certain, absolute if not cyclical. The search for what is best should be the correct choice. No habit, but the search for simplicity.
When I tasted Sparapani wine, I had this feeling, rediscover the original taste of Verdicchio. A unique taste, rough as the earth is rough, scratchy like the summer sun. A complete taste that fills, inebriates. Sometimes it’s exciting to understand how simplicity can be the right solution. In this small cellar, we find the feelings that have been lost, the rediscovery of belonging to the territory, a territory that changes according to the seasons, unique colors, unrepeatable. Get away from these places and you will miss it. Lack of caressing the sensations of an Earth and of the time that this family dedicates to make it unique and unforgettable with its wines.
Tasting them becomes a unique sensation. The Sparapani Family is not looking for large numbers, but for quality based feedback. This is what makes their wines something essential. Never having tasted a sip of their wine means losing an important piece of the history of this “precious nectar”. Taste to understand where it all began, in a place where wine was used for meditation, to discover oneself, where the person merges with the earth and where nothing is ever repeated unnecessarily by habit.