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In Staffolo, in one of the areas with the greatest vocation for the production of Verdicchio, the La Staffa winery was founded in 2004.

It can be said born after the purchase of a farmhouse with about 2 hectares of vineyards, Riccardo Baldi, today the owner, at the time still a boy, immediately includes the passion for the vineyard and for the Verdicchio above all.

From 2010 Riccardo becomes the owner in all respects, bringing his business to excellent levels, making his products known all over the world.

The characteristic that has rewarded his work has been, the production right from the start in organic farming, today very appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

Artisan, organic and classic defines Riccardo his work, because the only way to preserve and respect the territory in his opinion, is through a wine made with the procedures still craft, ensuring the best condition of growth of the plants, obtaining the best bunch with which to produce wine.

In this cellar, with old flavors, you can still breathe the authentic scent of tradition, love for work and vineyards.
The dedication and the work of Riccardo, have allowed the growth of this activity, but will certainly allow to reach his goals and his dreams.