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Partner Wine: Toast has never done so well

It is thus born of an idea that suddenly came out among the thousands of things that pass through my mind during the day, in search of a dream that I have for a long time: an idea that helps to really help those who need it,I mean really not leaving the will to itself, just to talk about it and to believe that the best solution is to let someone else think about us.

I have always felt the need to find a method that allows a simple donation, to be able to assure the most of the people who once made, that money will come to your destination, really financing the project you want to support. My companion Stefano and I went to work together with some of the professionals who came together, having seen the goodness of the project, to develop a system that made the donation procedure even simpler.

So far all right, but then you will ask, “but where’s the novelty?”

True, the novelty is that our method allows us to help others by purchasing products, in this case quality wines, at the same price, the donation takes place automatically, without them being subjected to an extra charge.

You have read well, buying wine through our platform, automatically a portion of the proceeds will go into charity, who will buy will not pay a cent more than the selling price in any store.

How is it possible?

It has been hard to make real what has always been my idea, but with commitment and willpower all this is possible today, thanks to the active collaboration with the wineries that have married this initiative.

Our partners have soon liked this new sales method, both because they feel active in a project of concrete help for those who need it, then because they have the opportunity to highlight their quality production.

One of the elements that distinguishes the initiative is the fact that companies make their best production available.We will start from the Marches, with its high quality wines, unknown to many, which will soon be loved by many, in the end the Marche as our excellent products are only to be discovered.

Subsequently, our initiatives will be carried out throughout Italy involving Wines and producers of national territory.This will be accompanied by specific initiatives: evenings, happy hour, where the proceeds will be devolved to a specific initiative.We will endeavor to provide visibility to the project both via the web and through local, national and international printing.All this will benefit not only the projects but also our partners.

In short a new way of helping, “almost without realizing it” and above all without changing our habits. Now is the time to let us go and start with the first initiative.

It will finally be a novelty toast, always drinking with moderation and intelligence, helping less fortunate people than us.