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ZUAVE Flavored Wine Quaresima


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Zuave (Sugar, Apricot and Verdicchio) is a success thanks to its peculiarities and flavors
originality. It is difficult to create a Verdicchio with a fruit after many years of attempts, we understand that our verdicchio can be combined with our apricots.
Apricots should be very tasty and serve hard months of work and service create a perfect mix.

It does not happen every day a green apricot …
During the vintage of Verdicchio, the superficial flower of the Superior, is inserted into the containers and then inserted apricot syrup (prepared a few months earlier).
The verdicchio is fermented with apricots for about 30 days, and then filtered. After about 7 months, if the winter cold has allowing its stability, it can be done by bottling.
Bottles produced = 600
Volume Alcoholic Volume = 12.5% vol

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